Manage your brand perception

Social listening is the first step to regaining control. While the dominant social media channel or channels change over time, the bottom line is that social media is here to stay, and as a whole it’s an absolutely necessary component of brand advancement and management. That’s why social media monitoring services are critically important in today’s business world. The days of simply posting on social media platforms regularly and hoping for the best are over – it’s time to take the bull by the horns and put the power of this medium to use for your organization. That starts with social media monitoring services that not only reveal what’s being said, but that help you target your strategies moving forward. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with us.

Extend your brand reach

See how social listening will step up your social media strategy. With over 250 million Twitter sources in Arabic, 100 million in French, 650 thousand in Tagalog, rest assured, we speak your language. Social media extends across the world, much like the Internet itself. If you’re marketing your brand across demographics, time zones and markets, you need social media monitoring services that give you real-time intel that takes the guessing out of this effort. Our services extend across all social media platforms, so whether it’s Instagram monitoring, Facebook monitoring, Twitter monitoring or keeping a close eye on any other social media channel, you’ll have all of those capabilities at the ready in one place with SOCIALHOSE.IO. Take a look at what we have to offer below, and put an army of observers to work for you instantly. You’ll never have to wonder what’s being said and what you could be doing again. Before you know it, you’ll be the influencers instead of the reactive influenced.

Keep up or get left behind

Everything is moving very fast. It’s no longer just about technology, but geopolitical as well. Like our customers, we are always staying ahead, listening to conversations everywhere. If it’s happening, we are listening. With SOCIALHOSE you can better understand the “why” behind the “what.” Uncover actionable insights, overcome competitors and improve brand health. Track conversations, identify leads, buyers and influencers and build relationships.

Nothing moves faster in the online world than social media. Posts can go viral in seconds, and brands that recognize the opportunity to interact with conversations involving them are going to get ahead more so than others. That’s why social media monitoring services are so invaluable, because no individual human or even team of humans can possibly keep up with everything that’s being said on every social media channel everywhere.

Create content that connects

Use our enterprise-level tools to better understand your audience. Creating relevant content to your audience has never been easier. Measure and improve the effectiveness of communications with a reliable source for decision making. You can closely follow how much media attention your actions receive. Do you reach your target audiences? Do you get the reaction you intended?

Of course, just knowing what’s being said is only part of the equation. Yes, social media monitoring services will help you understand what’s happening, but you still need to know what to say both in response to postings and with regards to your own proactive messaging. After all, if you don’t (a) get your message in front of your target audience and (b) put forth a message that resonates, even the best social media tools can only get you so far.

Advanced analytics

Accessing advanced analytics is not enough, you can also share your reports with your team members as well as in a newsletter sent to your stakeholders. Analyze and compare trends, grasp the sentiment of an audience, and compare data. Develop reports based on rich data from your brand, a competitor, a product, or an industry topic.

Social media monitoring services are about more than just reacting to things that are posted or discussions that are unfolding. You still need to put together and manage an ongoing plan of action that maximizes your efforts and potentially ramps up your ROI. Nothing teaches us more than data, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you make use of our social media monitoring software.

Why our social media monitoring?

  • On-demand historical search
  • Topic and conversation trends analysis
  • Competitive monitoring and benchmarking
  • Brand, keyword, or complex queries comparison
  • Create customized user lists or audience types
  • Consumer segmentation and behavior analysis
  • Inform content strategy and audience optimization
  • Crisis management, security, and compliance
  • Custom unlimited dashboard and report building

The world of social media is a living, breathing entity in certain respects. It never sleeps, it never stops and it has no geographic, geopolitical or demographic boundaries that limit its reach or its potential to change the perception of a brand – for better or for worse. Realistically, humans cannot possibly keep up with all that’s happening all across the world every second of every day. That’s why social media monitoring is so critical for any organization that wants to plant its flag online in any way, shape or form.

Our social media monitoring services provide you with nothing but opportunities. When you work with us, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Respond to negative comments or feedback
  • Capitalize on positive comments or feedback
  • Add to ongoing discussions relating to your brand
  • Plan your actions for how to maximize your ROI
  • Obtain a deep understanding of the online behaviors of your target audience

In order to succeed in the world of social media, you need the type of help that also never sleeps, never rests and that knows no limits or geographic boundaries. If you do anything less, all you’re really accomplishing is the proverbial ”hitting and hoping” that far too many organizations depend on for success within this context.

That’s not a plan – that’s a blind effort. You need to do better than that to compete in this space, and our social media monitoring services will have you not only doing better than that, but you’ll have every advantage you could ever hope for when it comes to growth. Reach out to us today so you can give yourself the leg up you need to put your brand on the plane on which it deserves to exist and thrive.

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