Newsletter Management and Webfeed Services

With our newsletter management system you can create custom alerts to share with stakeholders and export feeds for the web


Newsletter Mailing-list Management

Our newsletter and sharing system allows you to create custom templates for newsletters to easily share findings with stakeholders. Provide stakeholders with essential information, increase visibility into team performance and prove impact and make sure your team is engaged by staying up to date on data critical to your company's success.

Newsletter Mailing-list Management System on an iPad
Newsletters & Alerts


Select the feeds and reports you want to include in your custom newsletter with your logo. Easily send to members of your team and your stakeholders.

Export Webfeeds


Identify web feeds that are critical to your business, export them in RSS/Atom/XML format to integrate with your website or Intranets.

Things you can share


Share social mentions, print clippings, and comparative reports from your dashboard with our customizable newsletter.

Become more insights-driven

Listen and get the exact information you need from social media data. Exactly.

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