Mo Elzubeir, SOCIALHOSE Founder and CEO
Mo Elzubeir, Founder & CEO

About Us

You may be wondering what we really mean by saying we're enterprise-ready. The truth is, this is a loaded phrase that means different things to different people. The way we mean it is this, we have worked with the biggest brands in the world. We have designed analytics and workflows for their teams. We also appreciate how financial institutes have different organizational needs from those of a dental practice. We understand the logistics involved in managing a large team that needs to function as a part of an even larger team.

There is a difference between a tool that does a “cool thing”, like find a mention of your brand on a social media network and a social listening tool that allows you to disseminate this information across your organization in a meaningful way. Being enterprise-ready means that we have the capacity to support your organization from the moment you are ready to get serious about listening to your customers, to the time you are a multi-national brand.

Knowing your customer at such an intimate level allows us to then automate communication with triggers, like sending them a coupon to order directly with you when they have made their 5th Ubereats order.

We bring these tools in a frictionless self-serve model that allows you to get what you want, exactly when you want it. We are about bringing you the full range of media monitoring tools to allow you to be competitive in a cut-throat world.

Scalable solutions

Media monitoring and other PR related services are not exclusively reserved for large corporations with huge PR budgets anymore. With the tools and services available to small businesses today, media monitoring can be achieved and is, in fact, well within your reach. Our products are built for clients of all sizes.

Enterprise-level tools

Affordable rates with transparent billing and no contracts – We want to earn your business. Our customers rely on our service because they find value, not because they are stuck in a long term contract.

Real-time media monitoring

Hundreds of millions of sources. Sophisticated granular search across social networks. We capture content from online news, social media and more, to identify every instance a keyword in mentioned. Within 30 seconds you have access to an indexed post, processed for sentiment analysis. That’s how you stay ahead of the curve.

Learn what excites your customers most and leverage those insights to increase loyalty.

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