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Perhaps now more than ever in the modern history of humanity, we are people who spend a lot of time alone and away from the buzz of the working life that we all knew for years. The days of just "hearing about" things at the office are all but over. The days of chatting while having lunch are no longer for a lot of organizations. Yet, you still need to understand and have an innate feel for how your brand is being received, how your marketing campaigns are going and how or if you're generating the type of messaging that hits home to your target. You also need to know if anything negative is happening, and you need to know that instantly. You need a social listening agency that understands all of this. SOCIALHOSE.IO is that social listening agency.

The world – and brands – are about perceptions. They're defined by perceptions, fair or otherwise. Perception is shaped in large part by chatter. Have you ever considered buying or using something, only to research it, see a few negative comments and then decide against it? We all have, and we all will do that – it's how things work. Social media tracking in particular is of paramount importance because you need to respond immediately to any public and negative feedback with regards to your brand. The longer it's allowed to remain, the more it begins to sink in with readers.


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SOCIALHOSE.IO is your resource if you're looking for a social listening agency. As you'll see below, we handle all sorts of tasks and duties that require the utmost in diligence and oversight. People post things all day and all night, so you need to have someone working with you who's also ready to go and take care of things. This effort can also be quite positive in nature, as what we do is far from limited to responding to negative comments.

We help you understand your target market better. We listen to what the people you're trying to sell to have to say about your product or service and other things that could help you shape your message to them. We offer market intelligence that's firsthand, and we help you put together campaigns that speak to them directly. It all starts with listening, though, and our worldwide reach allows us to have ears on the entire Internet at all times.

We can even help you look forward by identifying trends in the media and online that could affect the way you promote your product or service in the future. The Internet is never going to stop moving at breakneck speed, which means it's up to all of us to work even faster to stay ahead of the game. A social listening agency like ours understands how to make that happen for you.

We invite you to take a closer look at our specific services below. We also encourage you to contact us if you're ready to take the next step towards deeply understanding your market position.

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Protect your brand with media monitoring tools that give you what you need. EXACTLY.

Listen to what people are saying about your brand and stay a step ahead by discovering how consumers truly feel about your brand and your competitors' brands. We give you tools to use insights to revamp marketing efforts and improve customer care.


Intuitively upgrade your business strategy and exceed your customers expectations, by exploring and understanding actionable data. Then use the insights to create and measure social campaigns that drive business results and help you identify industry gaps to differentiate your brand.


Use media monitoring to gain understanding of industry trends to help you discover new leads and and brand opportunities.  With information you can efficiently measure campaign performance and guide future actions.


Enterprise-ready Media Monitoring, Social Listening and Digital Marketing

Create a free basic account and experience media monitoring that gives you exactly what you need. With transparent pricing and affordable rates so you can scale to your requirements.

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When you track brand-relevant conversations you can find out what people are saying, when they said it, and why. Get a complete picture across online news and social media, with analytics, in one integrated platform to achieve your monitoring goals and translate performance into metrics that matter, and easily share that information with your stakeholders.


Any business regardless the size can get value from social engagement, to help build and manage lasting customer relationships. With the right tools you can protect your brand by being proactive about managing risk every day. With enterprise-level tools at affordable rates and transparent billing you can access real-time media monitoring across millions of sources.



Reach your brand's potential with media monitoring, social listening, and analytics designed to be customized so you only pay for what you need. Exactly. 



To give you the exact information you need for your project or business, we capture content from online news, social media, blogs and more,  to identify every instance a keyword in mentioned. 



With access to billions of posts and social platforms to monitor, research and analyze content across the entire social web you can see  conversations in real-time, and use insights to boost your business strategy and communications.



Reporting dashboards and analytics that make it easy to visualize a variety of metrics to help businesses of all sizes make informed decisions, and measure campaign effectiveness.



Our newsletter and sharing system allows you to create custom templates for newsletters to share with stakeholders. Keeping your team informed, your customers updated, and your partners in sync with your vision is a key component for a successful communication plan.

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As you can see, a social listening agency can do a lot for any organization, regardless of industry, target market or any other variable. Social media tracking alone is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal, but Socialhose does much more than that. We help you with your brand and your message in ways that are unique.

Not to mention, we don’t even require a commitment from you to get started. You can sign up for a free account to get your first feel for how a social listening agency works and what it does. From there, you can scale upward as you see all the benefits that we provide on an ongoing basis – no pressure, no in-your-face sales pitches – just put us to use and we’re sure you’ll be more than ready to grow with us quickly.

Is there anything more valuable than real-time, unfiltered market research? Not really, and with the right social listening agency providing the right information for you from across the entire planet, how can you go wrong? The best part is you won’t have to break your budget to have all of that intelligence at your fingertips.

If you’re ready to get started with any of the following, take a look at the brief descriptions above and then click the appropriate links to find out more:

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It’s time you put every tool you have at your disposal to use to make sure that your brand is performing as it should. We are here to serve as your social listening agency to help you do just that. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you.


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