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Our reporting dashboards and analytics make it easy to visualize a wide variety of metrics

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What is Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics involves using data that is collected from various social media platforms to make specific business decisions. But this isn’t just Instagram analytics or data from Facebook — you can also gain insights from review websites and other social-based networks and forums.

Data is consistently tracked over time to ensure your business can grow and gain a competitive edge in the industry. As information on the internet is constantly changing at a rapid speed, social media analytics make it easier to track fluctuations and gain more customer insights.

But why is it important?

We live in a digital era. Customers have shifted from face-to-face feedback to leaving mentions on Twitter. Understanding how to track engagement and other interactions that can potentially change the way you do business.


Social Media Monitoring

But what about when you do have the opportunity to delve into your social media accounts and see what’s resonating with your customers and what’s falling flat? Social media monitoring gives you real-time access to posts and conversations so you monitor and analyze information that lets you manage your brand reputation and extend your reach.

The world of technology and digital opportunity is transforming before our eyes. What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today for an inside look at how to access advanced analytics and create content that blows your competition out of the water.

Social Listening

Social media has taken the world by storm. It’s not just a platform for keeping up with friends and sharing photos, it’s a place for business opportunity, brand identity and reputation management.

With so many moving parts on your plate, monitoring your social media accounts every minute of the day simply isn’t feasible. Social media listening provides an opportunity to learn about social engagement even when you’re not online. It allows you to stay on top of your social media game and handle potential problems that impact the way your company is perceived on the internet.

Understanding Social Media Analytics

Understanding social media analytics makes it easier to determine how successful your campaigns are and what you're doing right or wrong. Those who have a lower budget can visit each social media site individually when they're learning how to start out collecting the analytics.

Who is paying attention to your story and what is it worth?

Our reporting dashboards and analytics make it easy to visualize a wide variety of metrics to help grasp the sentiment of an audience, and develop actionable insights. Develop reports based on  data from your brand, a competitor, a product, or an industry topic.



The custom metrics that you obtain with digital marketing analytics can allow you to give everyone on your team access to the data. This can equip your staff and allow them to make better decisions when marketing your brand and finding new ways to connect with potential and current customers. You can have more accuracy with measuring your engagement with your audience to get a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses. It will also allow you to determine which platforms you should focus more of your attention on and where you're getting the most attention. It will also allow you to track how well your SEO and content is working.



You'll get more insight into the success of your digital marketing efforts when you use analytics for social media. This can allow you to make better decisions in regards to where you invest your money to ensure you can increase your profit. You can adjust your marketing plan any time and integrate better strategies that increase your exposure on the internet. You can discover how much people respond to your contests, posts, targeted display advertising, and pay-per-click advertising. All the results are trackable to ensure you have more control of your marketing, as well as insight into your marketing efforts.



Social media analytics can allow you to create a stronger and more convincing presentation when you're trying to persuade your audience. You can use the data to include in the presentation and to argue specific points. When you're on a time crunch, the analytics are quick and easy to obtain to ensure you can immediately include them in your presentation.



Social media analytics helps you to maximize your time, which leads to saving more money. You can discover who your audience is and how they prefer to engage with your business. The analytics helps you to save a lot more time because you don't have to conduct as much research, which can allow you to focus on other important parts of your operations and business. You can start turning hype into quantitative results and have more visibility with your resources.

Become more insights-driven

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