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Getting Started with Social Consumer Segmentation

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As the effect of COVID-19 qaurantines and stay-at home orders wear off, we are left with more consumers spending more time on social media. 2021 is promising to be a better year, but are you ready? Let's talk segmentation.

There are 4 types of market segmentation: geographic, demographic, phsychographic and behavioral. Let's be very clear.. there are n types of market segmentations, but we think those four are some of the most common.

4 types of Market Segmentation

When we want to consider the profile of our social consumer, we can divide them into four main categories:

  1. Suspicious: They are suspicious of social interactions and would rather call the brand.
  2. Indifferent: They don't mind poking around, but have no expectations.
  3. Regular: The expect companies to be responsive on social networks.
  4. Expert: They DEMAND responsiveness on social networks.

It goes without saying that the behavioral patters of each segment inform our social media strategy. For example, we know that the Experts category, while smaller, are highly active and fully engaged.  But it can be easy to lose focus and get caught up in the noise. 

This is particularly important to note in today's environment of mob culture. From the Capitol Riots to the Reddit traders' revolt against Wall Street. Navigating such an environment can present its own set of challenges.